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Hi I'm Colin. I'm a Creative Developer at DPDK and I recently (July 2017) graduated with my thesis on Progressive Web Apps. People know me as someone who is constantly working on new prototypes and experimenting with exciting new shenanigans on the web platform.

  • Twitter for every kind hello! 👋
  • GitHub for my open source projects! 🎉
  • Codepen for my WebGL experiments! 🔮

Q4 2017

  • Starlings.js: A tiny 1kb WebGL based particle library.
  • State of the Web: A PWA with my daily inspiration on the web.
  • PWA Talk: Share my findings and prototypes about PWAs.
  • Refresh: all of my PWAs & Use The Platform.

Progressive Web Apps

npm packages

  • 🐳 Untrace: Minimal event tracking on the client in 300 bytes.